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Used Golf Simulators offer a great opportunity to buy high performance equipment at a significant discount. 

Used Golf Simulator Information- Used TruGolf Golf Simulator, Used Sports Coach Golf Simulators with E6Golf, Used High Definition, Used Visual Sports, Used Full Swing Golf Simulator, Used Trackman Golf Simulator, Used GC2 Golf Simulator.

The used inventory has been updated as of September 23, 2017.

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Virtual Golf Rentals

TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator
Year Purchased: 2016
A residentially used TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator with 54 courses, E6Golf 1.6. 3 Courses you can no longer get anymore on TruGolf's E6Golf. Lightly used, and is in great shape and working condition. Why pay full price, when you can get an automatic...
# of Courses: 54
Tracking Hardware: Sonic & Optical Sensors
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(3) Sports Coach Golf Simulators - Refurbished
Year Purchased: 2014 & 2015
(3) Sports Coach Golf Simulators that have been re-furbished, tested and ready for use. Dual Object Detection and Tracking Camera Systems, the most powerful tracking available in the industry. New screen, turf, hit surface, and tested. Include a 6...
# of Courses: 40+
Tracking Hardware: Camera Tracking
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Visual Sports VS-14X with E6 Golf and SwingTrack
Year Purchased: 2017
(1) VS-14X with E6Golf and SwingTrack. This is a once in a lifetime listing This system normally costs north of $34,000 back in early 2017, that is right, not even a year old, and you can pick it up at a deep discount. In excellent shape, includes...
# of Courses: 87
Tracking Hardware: Camera Tracking
More Information
Full Swing Golf S8 Widescreen - FSG Re-Certified
Year Purchased: 2014
(1) Re-Certified with FSG a Full Swing S8 Wide Screen Golf Simulators with the ION2 Camera Technology. With some of the best amenities, Swing Catalyst Package 1B (2) Cameras and a balance plate, normally retails for 20,995.

Great for the high end...
# of Courses: 87
Tracking Hardware: Camera Tracking, Optical Sensors
More Information
High Definition Golf Simulator (Standard)
Year Purchased: 2015
Great opportunity to get a high end golf simulator. With 23 Courses, and Precise Spin Measurement Model, this simulator offers some high end add-ons for a very reasonable price. Don’t wait, make an offer today.
# of Courses: 23
Tracking Hardware: Camera Tracking
More Information
(3) HD Golf Simulators
Year Purchased: 2013
Attention! (3) HD Golf Simulators for sale. All in great shape, well maintained, and are ready for quick sale. Pictures are coming. (2) have 21 Courses, and (1) has 25 Courses. All are Championship Model, and have HD Deluxe Software Packages. Lots...
# of Courses: 21, 21, 25
Tracking Hardware: Camera Tracking
More Information
TruGolf Technique Professional Golf Simulator
Year Purchased: 2012
2012 TruGolf Technique Professional Golf Simulator with 34 courses. E6Golf 1.5 with eligibility for upgrade to E6Golf 1.6 at deeply discounted rate. Condition is good to excellent. Contact us to make an offer before this listing is gone. Great buy...
# of Courses: 34
Tracking Hardware: Sonic & Optical Sensors
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GC2 Golf Simulator/Launch Monitor
Year Purchased: 2012
Fully Simulated Hitting Bay gently used for SALE


Foresight Sports Hitting Bay Structure (Aluminum Truss with top lid, sidewalls, screen and pad; specs - 3 meters tall, 4.5 meters wide, 2.5 meters deep)

Foresight Sports GC2 Smart...
Tracking Hardware: Camera Tracking
More Information
aboutGolf Sim Surround
Year Purchased: 2010
aboutGolf Sim Surround with 38 Courses. In great shape as you can see from the pictures. 3Trak tracking technology. Dimensions 20 ft. x 22 ft. 8 in. x 20 ft. If you have the space, you really need to make an offer.
# of Courses: 38
Tracking Hardware: Camera Tracking
More Information
2009 - Full Swing Golf Simulator #1 (w/ E6Golf)
Year Purchased: 2009
Great deal on a used Full Swing Golf Simulator. Purchased in 2009 this Full Swing Golf Simulator has been maintained perfectly, and has just recently had an update. Over 50 Courses, the Full Swing Golf Simulator tracks ball flight with 2 360 degree curtains...
# of Courses: 50+
Tracking Hardware: Optical Sensors
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